Fundamental Study of Fine Art

Head of group:

Prof. Thomas Knoth

Artistic and design training in the Fundamental study is focussed on strengthening and developing the students` individual talents and possibilities. The goal of this education is to figure out individual programmes for each student and find an individual view of the world and the things around him. Each student learns a craft and is also given an individual programme for his artistic study.

Fundamental Study in Fine Art includes:

  • Nature study
  • science of creating / computer added creative work
  • science of colour
  • creating with typography
  • photography
  • digital processing of images

Our students finish their studies in Fundamental study in Fine art after
the 3rd term upon assessment for their pre-diploma.

We offer optional study in:

  • Nude /figured drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Plastical creative work (to be developed)
  • Video (to be developed)