Musical Instrument Construction

Goal of Studies

The course of study Making of Musical Instruments consists of three departments, with each one being a full program in itself. The departments are: the making of bowed string instruments, the making of plucked string instruments and the making of bows.
The goal of these studies is to provide the students with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge. The students are to acquire the abilities to develop and construct musical instruments of high quality, both in craftsmanship and artistic aspects. The prerequisites for a successful application are above all practical experience in the field and basic knowledge of the construction of musical instruments.


Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Studiengang Musikinstrumentenbau Markneukirchen
Adorfer Str. 38
D-08258 Markneukirchen
+49 37422  2094
+49 37422  2094

Programme Requirements / Qualification Profile of the Graduate

basic studies:

  • acoustics
  • technical mechanics
  • measurement techniques
  • theory in raw materials
  • wood technology
  • sound design
  • fundamentals of construction
  • techniques of instrument construction
  • techniques of wood-carving
  • historical fundamentals of string and plucked instrument construction
  • techniques of restoration
  • music history
  • history of musical instruments
  • methodology of organology

other required classes:

  • form design
  • aesthetics
  • cultural history
  • information sciences
  • business theory

Duration of the Program

8 Semesters / 4 years

Entrance Prerequisites

  • College graduation (A-Level)
  • Vocational training or practical experience in instrument making
  • Qualification / aptitude test and personal interview