Course Orientation and Study Preparation

Guest Student status (“Gasthörerschaft”)

By becoming a guest student you have the chance to get to know the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau and everyday life at the university. You can attend courses and lectures for up to 8 semester hours per week. You do not receive grades (ECTS points), as a guest student is not allowed to take any exams. The fee is 40 Euros per Semester. Here you can find more information as well as the application form for guest student status.


The orientation course Open-Mint, lasts up to two semesters, enabling varied insights into the areas of Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology, and helps you choose the appropriate course. Here you can find more information about Open-MINT.

Tandem Project

The Tandem project allows learners to develop their language skills independently, in a way that suits them, with some suggested activities whulst learning languages from each other. Here you can find detailed information.