Computer Sciences (German Diplom Degree, job-concurrent)

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This degree course is designed for students, who have previously worked in the IT sector. This experience can be recognized and acknowledged, reducing the the length of the degree from 10 semesters to 7, allowing students to gain a job-concurrent German Diplom in Informatics in just three and a half years.

Hardly anyone today could imagine life without computers. Software can be found almost everywhere, from washing machines to televisions and has a part to play in almost every area of daily life. There is therefore the need for complex software and, of course, people who are able to develop such systems. However, it is not enough to have software only capable of completing the task at hand; rather the software has to be quick, reliable and easy-to-use, all of which place high demands on the developer.

The job-concurrent degree rises to this challenge, by making it possible for students to attain an academic degree alongside putting the theoretical skills into practice in a work environment. The high level of qualification achieved helps improve chances of company promotion and makes the student more attractive to future employers.

In cooperation with the Media Project Institut für IT- und Managementtechnologies gGmbH Dresden

degree German Diplom Degree
type of programme
    distance learning / job-concurrent degree
semester startwinter semester
no. of semesters / ECTS-Credits10 semesters / 240 ECTS
admission requirements
  • University Entrance Qualifications (A prerequisite for application is the general high-school graduation certificate (Abitur) or comparable qualification for admission to higher education)
  • Professional Qualification in the area of IT, in particular as an IT specialist (proof through a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
  • Work experience in the area of IT (proof from work and project reports upon demand)
  • In exceptional cases applicants may be accepted on the basis of performance and work experience in the area of IT technology
  • Proof of a professional qualification in the area of IT can be recognized and acknowledged and can reduce the length of the degree to 7 semesters
  • Applications can be made through the Media Project Institut für IT- und Managementtechnologien gGmbH Dresden Email:
admission restriction no restricted entry
tuition fees€14,950 Euro (no added cost; payment is able to be made on a semester basis via the Media Project Institut für IT- und Managementtechnologien gGmbH Dresden)