Electrical Engineering (Bachelor or German Diplom Degree)

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You too have a mobile phone or a computer ? EVERYBODY uses electronic devices. This also applies to industry, where electrical engineering is an indispensable precondition for innovations in all sectors of the economy. Accordingly the demand for electrical engineers is higher than ever before. We have complemented our major fields of study, automation engineering (control and feedback control systems) and electrical power engineering (power transmission and storage) with a new major, electromobility (electromagnetic compatibility, vehicle metrology). More and more women are also becoming enthusiastic about electrical engineering, for example, in the case of regenerative energies (e.g. wind and solar power) or in the case of the environmentally-friendly electric car.

degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or German Diplom Degree
Double Degree:* Diplom FH-Zwickau + Bachelor ITSEM - Monterrey
profiles / focus
  • automation engineering
  • electrical power engineering
  • electromobility
type of programme full-time programme
semester start winter semester
no. of semesters / ECTS-Credits 7 semesters / 210 ECTS (Bachelor) or 8 semesters / 240 ECTS (German Diplom Degree)
admission requirements
  • University Entrance Qualifications (A prerequisite for application is the general high-school graduation certificate (Abitur) or a comparable qualification for admission to higher education)
  • Required language skills for non-native speakers: German B1
admission restriction no restricted entry
tuition fees no tuition fees

* Application from the 4th semester onwards possible