Your Arrival in Zwickau

To find out whether you need a visa, check the website for the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany:

The site also has a list visa requirements organized by country:

Addresses for the responsible consulates can be found here.

With a conditional acceptance (Vorzulassung) or letter of acceptance from the WHZ, you can apply for a student visa (Visum zum Zwecke des Studiums). To find out which other documents you'll need for your visa application, contact your local consulate.

Student visas are normally issued for the length of three months. If you are enrolled as a student at the WHZ, you must apply within four weeks of your arrival for a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) for the purpose of studying (Antragsformular) at the Foreigner's Authority responsible for your area. Since September 2011, the immigration authorities have issued a so-called "electronic residence permit" in the form of a chip card. An electronic residence permit costs 120€ and the application process takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Once you have received your admission to the WHZ, you must also submit the following documents to the Department of Student Affairs (Dezernat für Studienangelegenheiten):

  • Proof of admission to the WHZ
  • (for non-EU citizens) a valid residence permit (study visa, permanent resident's card)
  • Valid health insurance from a statutory insurance company
  • Proof of payment for the semester fee
  • Application for registration (will be sent with the letter of admission)

Semester Fees

The semester fee is a contribution to those institutions that organize various aspects of student life: the Student Council (Studentenrat), which represents the interests of students at the university, and the Students' Union (Studentenwerk), which manages the student residences, the cafeteria and various information centres.

You can find more information about semester fees here.


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