Computer Science in Economics (German Diplom Degree)

The post-graduate course in Business Informatics serves as an additional qualification for engineers, business studies graduates and information scientists. In this course, in addition to the basics of economics, you’ll acquire skills in the fields of informatics and business informatics in order to be able to successfully manage the future demands of a job already being done and/or to enter a new field of activity. In addition to the specialist skills, the focus of the course is on conceptual-methodical and social skills.

degree German Diplom Degree (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))
type of programmedistance learning/job-concurrent degree
In cooperation with media project Institute of IT and Management Technologies in Dresden gGmbH
semester start winter semester
no. of semesters / ECTS-Credits 10 semesters / 240 ECTS
admission requirementsBy submitting a professional qualification in the field of IT, the degree length can be reduced by 3 semesters, leading to a total of 7 semesters. Applications made through media project Institute of IT and Management Technologies gGmbH (E-Mail:
admission restrictionno restricted entry
tuition fees 14,950 Euros (at no added cost, payments can be made in installments each semester via the Media Project Institute for IT and Management Technologies GmbH)


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