Bryan Nelsen

Born: 1983 in Akron, OH USA

Research Interests:

  • semiconductor opto-electronics
  • optics
  • computational physics
  • manufacturing automation
  • image processing

Postdoctoral Associate in Physikalische Technik/Informatik, Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, September 2014-present
Production line integration of nanometer wafer metrology system at Infineon fabrication facilities; Fiberoptic sensing of joint flexure for patient rehabilitation

Postdoctoral Associate in Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburg, August 2012-August 2014
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy of Uranium 238; endoscopic surgical applications of laser wavefront shaping; complex shockwave pattern generation for microforming of metals.

Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics, University of Pittsburgh, April 2012
Polariton Condensates in a Trap and Photon Lasing in Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Microcavities

M.S. in Physics, University of Pittsburgh, August 2007
Experimental investigation of quantum dots for use as quantum q-bits.

B.S. in Physics with Minor in Mathematics, Georgia Southern University, May 2005:
Theoretical study and simulation of spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates of Rubidium 87 atoms.

Awards and Acheivements:

  • Myron P. Garfunkel Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching
  • Best undergraduate student paper at the South Eastern Section Meeting of the APS
  • Nine publications in peer reviewed journals
  • Eleven conference presentations including 9 oral and 2 poster

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