Application procedure

Your application (in English language) should emphasize your motivation and personal/professional benefit for your participation. You should illustrate how you are planning to imply the gained knowledge and what possible stakeholders for collaboration you may identify for your professional career.

Your application (in English language) must include the following documents in one single pdf file:

 A filled-out application form: The form is available on application form

 A short CV with photograph and relevant documentation of Alumni status

  An abstract on “Online Education – Challenges in the post-Covid aera” (the main topics are
  listed above; abstracts must not exceed one page; please use font type “Arial”, font size 11, 1.5
  line spacing).

  A short description of your present duties/ position and your personal professional goals, indicating
  your envisaged field of activities and duty level.

  An overview on seminars, workshops or conferences visited in Germany after finishing your studies
  in Germany.

The PDF-document should be named ‘Last name_First name_country’ (e.g. Mustermann_Mara_Germany).

Please send your application, as one single pdf file, latest by 2nd Mai 2022 via mail:

Please note: Completeness of personal data mentioned in the online application form will affect your eligibility as a participant.

After the review by the local organizing committee and DAAD, the invited participants will be notified by end of May.

Eligibility criteria for participation

This seminar targets Alumni of German universities

 who are engaged in online or distant teaching OR in providing services or technology for online or
 distant teaching,

who carried out research or studied in Germany for at least 3 months, and

 who are currently living and working in their home countries, which has to be on the DAC list.

You should have

1a proven background in academic fields relevant to the topics of online teaching (teacher, software developer didactics developer etc.), vocational education and training, academic education, and human resource development,
2professional experience and personal interest in one of the following areas:
research, education, NGOs, government agencies, policy making, project development, local communities, and related stakeholders,
3the requirements to act as a potential change agent (multiplier) who will present the training seminar results in your home country and thus disseminate the acquired knowledge as well as develop ideas and projects for regional implementation,
4adequate language proficiency which is essential to actively participate in the workshops and discussions as the seminar will be held in English.

Eligibility for repeated attendances at SDG Alumni Projects:

Participations in SDG Alumni Projects are limited to a maximum of 2 participations within 4 years. The year of participation, not the year of application, is decisive for the calculation. (This rule does not apply for attendance in a completely digital SDG Alumni Project.)

Cost coverage

This seminar targets Alumni of German universities

International return ticket from and to airport in Germany (lowest possible economy class airfare)   
Train tickets (2nd class): Airport to Zwickau – preferably Rail & Fly                                                 
Travel health insurance (max. 30 Euro) and visa costs these three items up to a maximum amount of 920 € per person
Accommodation and meals during the stay in Zwickau during the seminar                            
Transport on excursions                                                                                                
Transport from Zwickau to Berlin                                                                                  
 Accommodation and partial living expenses during the participation at the conference OBE in           
Entrance fees for the OEB                                                                          
Transport from the hotel in Berlin to the departure airport                               

Please note:

You must cover by yourself any other costs, such as transport costs between your place of residence and “your” airport, and travel costs for visa application in your country of residence. Please keep in mind that living expenses are only covered partly during your stay in Zwickau and Berlin.

Extensions of stays before the seminar/after the Zwickau-Berlin Seminar and OEB Conference 2022 are only possible up to 5 working days and upon submission of a comparison of flight ticket prices before you start your travel. You will have to pay any difference between the flight ticket prices for the official arrival/return date (see below) and your actual date of travel before/after your extension. You must also cover by yourself any additional travel costs, subsistence costs and other additional costs of your extension.

Extensions beyond 5 days must be of an official nature which you need to justify, e.g. through visits to universities, organizations, institutions, companies etc. and with details about contact persons and a day-to-day programme of activities. These extensions must be approved by DAAD before you start your travel. Decisions by DAAD are made on an individual nature based upon your justification, your programme etc.

For any extension, you need to organize your accommodation by yourself, and, very important, you must make sure to have a valid health insurance for the extension days as well as a valid visa for the additional days.

More about current Corona regulations

For further questions, please contact Claudia Winkelmann (

Any changes regarding worldwide Corona situation are subject to change.


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