Corona information

Information on the current Corona regulations in Germany

(last update: 01.06.2022)

1.    Please note the current Corona regulations before your arrival in Germany on the information pages of the responsible German embassies/consular departments. Check which measures are valid for your country in detail. Please use the following links, among others:

2.    Please also observe individual Corona regulations and requirements   of the country you are departing from and furthermore inform yourself about individual airline requirements, as these may deviate from legal requirements (e.g. hygiene measures, required corona test)!

3.    Please also inform yourself about possible additional requirements or conditions in   transit countries. There may be separate requirements due to stopovers or transfer connections.

4.    Before starting your trip, please take out a travel health insurance in your country and provide the relevant documents on arrival in Germany.

5.    There is an obligation to wear a FFP2 mask (or comparable respirator e.g. KN95 etc. WITHOUT an outlet valve) or an OP mask in public transport and in health and social care facilities, among other places. In addition, the government recommends the wearing of masks (optional FFP2 or OP mask) in indoor areas accessible to the public, the observance of the minimum distance and the compliance   with the hygiene rules in general.

6.    From 1st June onwards, entrants will no longer need proof that they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested. Exceptions exist only for entry from a virus variant area. Here, the existing strict registration, proof and quarantine regulations continue to apply. In the future, it will be sufficient for proof of vaccination if one has been vaccinated with a vaccine recognized by the WHO. These are then also vaccines such as Sinova, Sinopharm or Coronavac from Chinese manufacturers or Covaxin from an Indian manufacturer. You can find more information about this under the following links:

Information from the German Federal Government

current virus variant areas (currently none)

Entry declaration when entering from virus variant areas (currently not required)

7.    If you develop Corona-typical symptoms such as cough, fever, cold, disturbance of the sense of smell and/or taste during your stay in Germany, you are obliged to test yourself for the existence of the Corona virus at least with a rapid antigen test, which you can have carried out in any pharmacy, in a test center or by a doctor.

Current COVID Test Centers can be found at this link.

8.    If you contract an infection with the Corona virus during your stay in Germany, you must immediately isolate yourself and, if not already available, arrange a PCR test appointment, which you can have carried out in any pharmacy, in a test center or by a doctor. For more informations, contact the responsible health office:

District: Zwickau

District: Berlin

You are going to receive the test result digitally within 1 or 2 working days.
If this result should be negative, you can end the isolation immediately.
However, if it should be positive, you must quarantine for a period of at least 5 days.
Your quarantine will start the day after you receive your positive test result.
More information you will find in the following links:

9.    If you go into quarantine, the quarantine can be ended at the earliest after the 5th day if you have no symptoms by then. If you are still symptomatic, your quarantine will be extended for another 5 days. During this time, you can the quarantine can be ended prematurely by providing a negative test result, which you can have carried out in any pharmacy, in a test center or by a doctor. Therefore passport and your foreign travel health insurance must be provided.

10.    A digital certificate of recovery can be issued at any pharmacy by providing a positive PCR test result obtained in Germany and your passport.

11.    Required corona tests for arrival and departure or during your stay in Germany have to be paid for locally. Currently rapid antigen tests are free of charge and PCR tests cost approx. 89.00 €/test in the Zwickau district at the moment. These tests can be performed at any pharmacy and special test centers in the area upon presentation of your passport and your travel health insurance.

12.    Please note that you will currently only receive your PCR test result digitally within approx. 1 to 2 working days, which is then valid for 48 hours. Please plan your test appointment accordingly before departure. You will receive antigen rapid test results on site within approx. 15 minutes, which currently have a validity of max. 24 hours.

13.    Additional costs and expenses incurred by you in the event of quarantine in Germany can be reimbursed on a pro rata basis from remaining project funds and upon application to and approval by the funding body. Relevant evidence must be provided (e.g. positive PCR test, quarantine notice, additional accommodation or material costs incurred, which must be documented as formal invoices).

14.    Cancellation costs (e.g. of a flight or similar) will not be refunded!

15.    You are responsible for additional organizational responsibilities that arise in the event of a quarantine in Germany e.g. hotel bookings, catering via hotel, cancellations, rebooking of the flight or train connections.
16.    Please inform the organization team immediately of any changes that are directly related to your stay in Germany in the cases described above (quarantine, positive test result, etc.):

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.

last update: 01.06.2022


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