APPLY UNTIL AUGUST 4th 2024 (11:59 PM CET)

This workshop series is a fully funded one week intensive workshop taking place at Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (WHZ), University of Applied Sciences, faculty Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg in 08289 Schneeberg, Germany. WHZ is the organizer of the workshops. The Workshops are funded by the Creative Europe Programme (CREA). For that reason, the realization of the workshop series is reliant to the effective funding by the CREA-Programme on the merits and to the extent.

We are offering the workshop in two rounds inviting a younger audience interested in the topics design, crafts and art. The workshops provide the possibility to explore the material wood in an experimental way guided by mentors encouraging with their supportive skills in the field of engineering, craft and design. Lectures, workshops and field trips help to create an entirely creative journey giving a glimpse of what a design study or a craft training might look like.

The objective is to push the boundaries of what the material wood and its processing methods can be used for in the twenty-first century in a beautiful, intelligent and compelling way. The workshop series will be held in the context of the Made In Platform for Contemporary Crafts & Design EU project and the results will be shown in two exhibitions in Ljubljana, Slovenia and in Schneeberg, Germany in 2025.

Term 1: SEPTEMBER 16th  SEPTEMBER 20th 2024
(arrival on the September 15th + departure on the September 21st)
Term 2: SEPTEMBER 23rd  SEPTEMBER 27th 2024
(arrival on the September 22nd + departure on the September 28th)

Applicants need to
— be over 18 years old at time of application
— have good knowledge of English because all sessions will be held in English
— be able to attend the whole week of courses
— live in Europe and be able to travel in Europe

Applicants need to email the following to madein[at] by August 4th 2024 (11:59 PM CET):
— a questionnaire LINK
— a short CV
— a letter of motivation (max. 1000 characters, including spaces) LINK.

until August 4th 2024 (11:50 pm CET).
Successful candidates will be notified by the August 9th 2024 via mail.

— see here the Terms & Conditions of participation LINK
— see here the GDPR compliance LINK
— see here the code of conduct LINK

The aim is to bring together a younger generation with craftspeople and design mentors, celebrating a multidisciplinary way of sharing knowledge. The structure of the workshops fosters the development of collaborative creative proposals by taking advantage of the aesthetic as well as functional characteristics of the different raw materials and techniques.

It is important to acknowledge that craftspeople are creative collaborators and teachers. They are experts and are involved in the creative process with the participants. This is an opportunity for both participants and craftspeople to dive into an informed collaborative experimentation.

Craftspeople and participants will be guided throughout the workshops by design mentors, who are also there to support the participants in achieving their creative goals.

Participants have the opportunity to learn from craftspeople and design mentors, practice a collaborative design process and explore a series of techniques that can enrich the development of their practice. Craftspeople and participants will be able to look at their practice from different perspectives and absorb a wide range of inspirations, explorations and new experiences.
It is planned to create a series of completed exhibition-quality pieces, as well as expressive studies and prototypes.


Wood and Motion: Parametric Structures with Jan-Erik Schützhold
Term 1 / September 16th  September 20th 2024

The goal of the workshop is to understand the flexible material wood using both manual and digital tools to create a movable lightweight stool. To generate a pliable seating surface, structures made from thin wooden slats will be manually explored, which are both flexible and stable. The wooden structures will then be parametrically constructed in Rhino+Grasshopper, and their flexibility will be adjusted to fit your body. In the process, manufacturing data will be created, through which the stool will be produced using CNC milling, 3D printing, and some manual processing. It is recommended to bring a laptop and mouse!

Twisting Shapes and Colours with Marlen Tröger and Roman Krohs
Term 1 / September 16th  September 20th 2024

The craft of wooden toy making and its central skill of woodturning are deeply rooted in the Ore Mountains. In this workshop, you’ll playfully explore the value hidden in simple pieces of wood by creating detailed and artistic objects that can be both functional and decorative. Beginners can start with soft woods like linden or pine, which are easier to work with, and focus on simple projects like figures or dolls. Painting wooden objects can add an extra dimension by highlighting contours and shapes, bringing life to the items. With patience and practice, the playful process of woodturning and painting can lead to simple beauty and creative innovation.

Addwood: maximum sustainability for the most precious material with Uwe Bodenschatz and Michael Rosenthal
Term 1 / September 16th  September 20th 2024

This workshop provides an insight into the research work on an additive circular process for the use of waste materials from wood processing. Only natural materials are used to create objects with a large 3D printer with pasty extrusion. Special CAD skills are taught to fit the requirements and restrictions of this special technology. The participants can so print their ideas during the workshop, and also use their imaginations to advance the entire research project.

UserFeel with Nicole Schumann-Sizaret
Term 2 / September 24th  September 27th 2024

Sitting down - getting up. Easy!?
Sitting - an apparently everyday thing which everybody does - is in reality an extremely complex movement organisation and very different from one person to another. UserFeel explores not only “how we actually sit”, but also the consequences which the individual sensory experience (our capabilities, maybe even perception of pain) will have on the way that a person lives and appreciates the furniture. One can look forward to 6.5 hours of easy movement exploration, testing objects and sharing experiences.
Please note, that this workshop cannot be selected in the questionnaire as it is offered to all participants of term 2.

Exploring the chip basket manufacture with Annette Rüffer
Term 2 / September 23th  September 27th 2024

Chip basket making has existed in the region around Lauter and Bockau (Ore Mountains/Erzgebirge) since 1830. Annette Rüffer grew up in her parents‘ company in Grünstädtel (Erzgebirge) and learned the processes of chip basket production in the traditional family business from an early age. Today, she tries to keep the craft alive and produces a wide range of baskets and boxes on her own. On the one hand, the workshop shows the unique technique of chip basket making: cutting the log to size, peeling the fresh wood, cutting chips to size, bending, weaving, and attaching straps. On the other hand, the workshop explores the creative transformation of a traditional chip basket into a seating object.

Carving out your cultural background with Lotte Pönnighaus and Lars Neubert
Term 2 / September 23th  September 27th 2024

The workshop explores the connection between the design process and the maker on the level of their cultural background and heritage. By carving familiar motifs and patterns, the cultural identity of each participant will come to light in a uniquely skilled manner. The seat of a stool will be carved under professional instruction, the development of the motives and assembly of the stool will be guided by the designer of the project. Participants are welcome to bring their own carving tools, but there is no problem with participating with just a head full of ideas.

A taste of chair making: Crafting a Solid Wood Stool with Stefan Heinz
Term 2 / September 23th  September 27th 2024

Immerse yourself in the traditional craftsmanship of the Erzgebirge region (Ore Mountains) and create your own solid wood stool. Under the guidance of one of the last chair makers from the Erzgebirge, you will learn techniques that have been used for generations, both by hand and industrially. The stool, as the smallest possible chair, offers a perfect introduction to the art of chair making. Learn more about the history and significance of chair making in the Erzgebirge and take home a unique handcrafted piece of furniture.

Sitting on trees: Chainsaw Art with Jens Gebhardt
Term 2 / September 23th  September 27th 2024

Unlike conventional furniture crafting, which often results in significant wood waste and involves extensive transportation, our approach is to conserve as much of the precious material as possible. The workshop begins with an introduction to chainsaw safety and operation. This is followed by a focus on sculpting abstract seats and tables. We explore the art of carving textures and shapes that harmonize with the natural characteristics of the tool, using locally sourced oak timber. No prior experience is necessary. All you need is the courage and respect for the transformation process, turning precious trees into functional art pieces.
Please note that the workshop takes place in 34281 Gudensberg. Further information regarding travel will be provided to participants after successful registration.


The workshops come along with several lectures by
— Johanna Seelemann
— WESTOSTERON / Clemens Haufe & Sven Deutloff
— STREEV / Max & Kay Boll
— ROWAC / Dieter Amick
— Atelier Hans Brockhage / Moritz Richard Schmidt
— STOOL KLAUS / Max Stralka




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