Study at the UAS Zwickau

Studying at reasonable cost.

An investigation by the magazine UNICUM came to the conclusion that Zwickau is the second-cheapest city in Germany to study in. The things that were compared were rent, cost of food and clothing, educational supplies and transport in 123 places of study in Germany. In Zwickau students have to raise about €574 a month on average to cover their living costs – half of what students in many other places pay.

A good place to feel comfortable.

Zwickau, the city of automobiles and Robert Schumann, has a redeveloped and renovated city centre with attractive shops and pedestrian areas. On top its urban flair Zwickau also offers lots of green space: the Schwanenteich and the Mulde-Paradies (directly on the river) are inviting places for cycling, jogging or simply relaxing. And within 30 minutes’ drive you’re in the Ore Mountains – a great destination in both summer and winter. Accommodation isn’t a problem here either: Students have the choice between a hall of residence, a flat-share or even their own flat or house – all to be had at affordable prices.

Staying to work.

Those who’d like to stay will have loads of opportunities in Zwickau and the rest of West Saxony: Our graduates have a wide variety of prospects in business, industry, commerce and the health sector. They are in great demand not just by the WHZ’s large partners – such as VW Sachsen GmbH – but also in the supply industry and in many small and medium-sized firms. The chances of getting a well-paid job are better than ever.


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