Every year almost 1000 young people from Germany and abroad start studying at the  University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau. Still, you won't get lost in the crowd here. With a supervision ratio of 1:30 between professors and students, we achieve a top value among German universities. The close contact between professors, employees and students guarantees you optimal support.

At our locations in Zwickau, Schneeberg, Reichenbach and Markneukirchen, we offer you first-class courses of study in the fields of technology, economics, health, languages and applied arts, which provides a sound scientific basis and is characterised by a high degree of practical relevance.

As the cultural and economic center of West Saxony, the city of Zwickau with its 90,000 inhabitants offers you an attractive environment. Not only is it worth visiting the bars and cafés of the old town, but also a detour to the nearby "Erzgebirge" and the "Vogtland".


Ms Elke Kunze

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