Exchange Students

The Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau has approximately 130 partner universities and is pleased to welcome a large number of exchange students each semester. If you're considering spending your semester abroad at our university, you can find all the necessary information on the following pages.

If you decide to extend your stay during the exchange semester, please note that an extension according to the enrolment regulations of the WHZ is only possible for a maximum of 4 semesters!

To apply for an extension, please submit a modified Learning Agreement signed by all parties to the International Office.


Deadlines for extension application:

  • 15 July for the following winter semester
  • 15 December for the following summer semester


Simona Prchalová (Czech Republic)
... speaks about her favourite places in Zwickau and her experience at the WHZ.

Learning through adventure - or what I have learned about Germany during one winter semester

Our exchange student Anastassiya Dolgushina from the German-Kazakh University about her study at the UAS Zwickau.  

For me it was the best Exchange Semester

Our exchange student Mia Reich from University of Borås about her study at the UAS Zwickau


Ms Zdravka Bräutigam

International exchange students (Incomings)

Paul-Kirchhoff-Bau (PKB), Room 228
+49 375 536 1064[at]


International Office

Katrin Jugelt
Paul-Kirchhoff-Bau (PKB), room 230
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