Logistics (Masters)

The logistics sector is one of the most important and top-selling in Germany and all of Europe. The transport of goods as well as the control of material and information flows are essential for the functioning of the economy.

The aim of logistics is to ensure optimal supply of production and markets within the company, but also across companies, with suppliers and customers. Logistics is a cross-company and cross-industry interface discipline.

During the master's degree in logistics, students receive in-depth knowledge of logistics, but also economics and information technology topics. They deepen their ability to plan and operate logistics systems. The degree qualifies the graduates to apply established methods and theories to current problems in the field of logistics.

The course can be completed full-time or part-time. In the case of part-time studies, the standard period of study increases to 6 semesters.

degree Master of Science (M.Sc.)
type of programme full-time or part-time programme
semester start summer and winter semester
no. of semesters / ECTS-Credits 3 semesters / 90 ECTS
admission requirements
  • First university degree in the field of business administration with at least 210 ECTS points (missing ECTS points can be recognized by additional or already completed achievements)
  • Required language skills for non-native speakers: German C1
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English (B2 Level according to Common European Framework of Reference of Languages)
  • Explanation of motivation to study
  • Interview for admissions may be required
admission restriction no restricted entry
tuition fees no tuition fees / semester fee only
course languageGerman

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Graduates with a master's degree in logistics are ideally qualified to solve logistical problems such as the planning and control of transport, storage and picking processes in the areas of procurement, production or distribution.

There are logistical tasks and processes in all areas of the private and public economy, so that graduates have a wide range of opportunities to start their professional career. Direct entry opportunities exist, among other things, in industrial companies, e.g. the automotive, electronics and food industries, in mechanical and plant engineering, in trading companies, with logistics service providers or infrastructure operators.

The master's degree also opens the way to work in research, possibly combined with the possibility of a doctorate.


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