International Degree Programmes

The University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ) offers several degree programmes with an international profile:

  • English-taught degree programmes
  • programmes with embedded stays abroad
  • double or joint degrees

English-taught degree programmes

Green Engineering & Sustainable Management (Bachelor)

Our Bachelor's degree in "Green Engineering and Sustainable Management" is designed to create opportunities for students interested in becoming highly skilled experts in developing green process technologies and influential decision-makers in sustainable businesses. We provide an international study environment enabling students to build profound knowledge in chemical engineering and sustainable management subjects.
Our students will be involved in research and industry projects, opening outstanding career prospects for employment and further studies.

Advanced Green Engineering & Sustainable Management (Master)

The Master's degree program "Advanced Green Engineering and Sustainable Management" builds on the BA program "Green Engineering & Sustainable Management", but graduates of related disciplines are also welcome to pursue this program. The teaching language is likewise entirely English.

Our motivation is to equip you with the skills needed to develop technical solutions for a sustainable future. In addition to courses in management and sustainable technologies, the focus is on practical hands-on learning.

Road Traffic Engineering (Master)

With the degree programme in "Road Traffic Engineering", graduates will be able to develop and plan complex and traffic flow-optimising concepts, design road traffic facilities that meet the telematics requirements, and simulate traffic flow on those facilities.

Professional practice and language skills enable graduates to work in international teams and manage international projects worldwide as technical experts. All compulsory courses and most electives are taught in English.

Internet of Things & Smart Systems (Master)

Whether it‘s effectively monitoring industrial plants remotely, tracking a vehicle fleet, or maintaining logistical supply chains. The potential of digital value creation is huge: already now, many billions of devices around the world interact in the Internet of Things, as the IoT has long since arrived in all parts of the economy.
The IoT accelerates business processes and is decisive for companies‘ success, enabling new business models and services. IoT students will learn the technical and business fundamentals to develop innovative products, gain the skills to tailor these products to your customers and make them user-friendly by focusing on one of three areas: design and usability, business, or advanced programming skills.

Programmes with embedded stays abroad

Business in a Digital World (MBA)

The MBA in "Business in a Digital World" combines business science content with relevant issues from the field of business informatics. Students receive the best possible language and intercultural training for management tasks in a global and digital economy with courses in English and German and two stays abroad.

Languages & Business Administration (Bachelor)

In the Bachelor's programme, which covers both language skills and fundamental business knowledge, students can choose between four specialisations (Chinese, French, Spanish/Portuguese, Business Communication German) and benefit from an integrated study abroad component and an internship abroad. The specialisation Business Communication German primarily aimes at students learning German at the two partner universities in Hangzhou and Kaohsiung, offering the possibility of a double degree. However, external applications are welcome as well.

Languages and Business Administration German-Chinese (Master)

The interdisciplinary Master's programme focuses on in-depth Chinese language competence, regional science and economic expertise, as well as translation and intercultural conflict management skills. It includes a stay in a Chinese-speaking foreign country.

International Cooperations and Double Degrees

Applied Media Communication German-French (Bachelor)

It is a Joint degree programme at both the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (WHZ) and the Université Grenoble-Alpes (UGA).

You learn to think outside the box and to solve problems in intercultural contexts. The interdisciplinary joint degree combines media communication, intercultural and economic content and guarantees you a profound education in the foreign languages ​​French and English.

Trinational Master's Degree "Regional and European Project Management"

The trinational Master's programme of the Université Franco-Allemande runs at the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ), the Université Bretagne Sud (UBS) in France and the South Bohemian
University of Ceské Budejovice (USB) in the Czech Republic.

The training covers topics such as project introduction, project development and project controlling specifically for the European region. In addition, students deal with intercultural aspects regarding project management, interpersonal communication as well as social structures at the regional level.
Graduates receive an interated international joint degree by the three partner universities:

Master of Arts (Joint Degree - UBS / USB / WHZ)

Chinesisch-Deutsche Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (CDHAW)

The CDHAW of Tongji University Shanghai is a cooperation of the German University Consortium for International Cooperation (DHIK), of which WHZ is a member.

Students of industrial engineering at WHZ have the opportunity to participate in the MDHK's double degree programmes and additionally obtain a bachelor's degree from Tongji University Shanghai.

Mexikanisch Deutsche Hochschulkooperation (MDHK)

The MDHK with the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) is a cooperation of the German University Consortium for International Cooperation (DHIK), of which WHZ is a member.

Students of industrial engineering at WHZ have the opportunity to participate in the MDHK's double degree programmes and additionally obtain a bachelor's degree from ITESM.

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