Staff and Lecturers

The West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau offers many interesting opportunities for guest lecturers and guest scientists. Your faculty and the International Office help you organize your stay.


Citizens of EU countries do not need a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. For all other foreign guests, a visa is required. You can apply at the German diplomatic mission responsible in your home country. It is important that you do not apply for a tourist visa, but a visitor/business visa. You can find further info on visa on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.


You are responsible for financing the trip yourself. In addition to the getting travel expenses from your home institution, it may be possible to apply for funding of longer stays in Germany (approx. 4 weeks or more). Funding programs in the DAAD Database

Health Insurance

As a guest researcher, you must take out international health insurance in your home country. If this is not possible in exceptional cases, the WHZ can help to arrange insurance in Germany.

If you plan to stay longer than three months, you must visit the immigration authorities in person within the first two weeks of your stay. Please bring your passport, rental contract, proof of health insurance, proof of financing of your stay, letter from Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau on the purpose of your stay and two passport photos.

The welcome brochure for international students may also contain some useful information for your stay.

When you leave Germany for good, a whole series of formalities must be completed before departure.

Terminate contracts taking into account the respective notice periods, for example:

  • Rental contract
  • Phone Electricity / power company
  • Health insurance
  • Bank account
  • Pension Claims

If you are an EU citizen or a national of a country that has concluded a social security agreement with Germany, or if you are moving to an EU member state and are a legal resident in this country, you should inquire with your insurance provider about possible pension claims for your time in Germany. If you return to a home country without social security agreement, you can have the pension contributions you paid in Germany refunded. After a waiting period of two years, you can apply for reimbursement of the contributions with the German pension insurance.

You will find more information at the German pension insurance website and from EURAXESS, the information and advice center for international mobile researchers.