Application for the DAAD Alumni Week "WHZ & KAFU- International 2023"

Thank you for your application.

The registration deadline for this event has now passed.
A registration is no longer possible.

Now the selection process follows. Then you will receive feedback from us. In case of an acceptance you will receive an official invitation letter form use. If you have any questions about the visa procedure, please contact the Embassy in your country. 


The following requirements and general conditions apply for participation in the Alumni Week

(Last update: 19.06.2023)

General information on application

1. Students, graduates, scientists or lecturers who have graduated from a German university or who have studied, researched or worked at a German university for at least 3 months are eligible to apply.

Information on founding

2. A total subsidised budget of a maximum of 840, - €/person is available for international participants for the whole planned event and stay period. If your actual mobility and stay costs are less than this, only these will be reimbursed.

3. The funding is provided for the stay during the alumni week and pro rata for the day of arrival and departure.

4. The flight costs for arrival and departure (return flight economy/2nd class, train 2nd class, bus etc.), the accommodation costs for your 5-day stay as well as a half day of arrival and departure within the framework of the alumni event with the aforementioned maximum limit of 840 €/person will be financed. Additional costs incurred outside the aforementioned funding period will not be reimbursed.

5. If you are not living in Kazakhstan, the funding can only be granted if you stay in Kazakhstan for no more than 5 working days and 2 weekend days in addition to the alumni week period.

6. The funding of your travel costs obliges you to organise your own arrival and departure. If you are not living in Kazakhstan, you must arrive in Kazakhstan from your home or sending country at least 1 day before the start of the event and depart directly back to your home or sending country 1 day after the event. Any deviations must be communicated to us in advance by email, which will then be checked and, if necessary, approved by our funding agency.

7. The funding of your travel and accommodation costs obliges you to participate in the alumni event for the entire period.

8. The funding will be paid out in cash in the local currency on the 2nd day of the alumni event.

9. In order for your funding to be calculated in good time, you will be asked by the organisation team before your arrival to send us your receipts (invoices for flights, bus and train) as a scan by email ( in advance. This should be done as soon as possible! Therefore, it is necessary to purchase all tickets online in advance! Offers or booking confirmations will not be accepted.

10. We will pre-book a single room incl. breakfast in a nearby hotel for all participants for the period from the planned day of arrival until one day after the end of the event (subject to change). You will pay for this themselves during your stay at the hotel. The subsidy for this is included in your budget and will be paid to you on the 2nd day of the event. You will receive further information or changes to this in due cours.

11. The funding can only be paid out as soon as we have your original receipts (invoices for flight, bus and train as well as hotel invoices). These must be brought along on the 1st day of the alumni event and submitted to us for verification. Booking confirmations will not be accepted.

13. Please note that cancellation costs of any kind are not eligible.

Information on visa and health insurance

14. Make sure that you are covered by health insurance during your stay, which you may also have to prove to the consular section!

15. You organise the visa procedure, arrival and departure yourself. Please find out in advance whether the Kazakh embassy/consular section responsible for you accepts a scan of the visa-eligible invitation letter or whether you must receive the original by post. Please provide us with the information via the applicant tool and expect a correspondingly extended processing time.

16. Visa fees and health insurance cannot be reimbursed additionally and must be covered from the above-mentioned budget.

Project managent

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dr. h.c. mult. H.-Christian Brauweiler
Chair of Business Administration, esp. Accounting and Internal Auditing
Campus Scheffelstraße, West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (Univ. of Applied Sciences)
+49 (0) 375 536 3541

Organisation team

Claudia Winkelmann, Dipl.-Ing., Projectcoordinator (WHZ)
Yuliya Engel, DaF-Lecturer, Chair of Foreign Language (KAFU)
Aizhan Chettykbayeya, Head of the International Office (KAFU)

Postal address
West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau
Faculty of Economics
PSF 20 10 37
08012 Zwickau

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