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Pure theory - not with us. Internships, hand-on lab work and a strong focus on applicability is standard for our degree programmes. We offer a well-structured courses of studies that prepare you optimally for your career in a manageable time. Take a look around: More than 50 degree programmes in various subject areas are waiting for you!

Electric mobility, self-propelled vehicles, automated production and new traffic concepts. The automotive industry is more exciting than ever. In our courses of study on the subject of Vehicles and Traffic, you will learn how to design the mobility of the future.

Languages are the gateway to the world. And it is manifold. Integrated internships and semesters abroad allow you to actively use the language and learn to find your way around in other countries and cultures. In a globalized job market, this opens up a wide range of job opportunities for you.

There is no money in that? Not with us! Our courses of study at the Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg combine art and crafts. In addition to the artistic design and practical implementation, you will also learn how to present and market your ideas. This makes you fit for the job market - no matter whether you want to work independently or join a major label.

Textiles that conduct electricity, repel water or glow in the dark - the textile industry has long since devoted itself to more than just the manufacture of clothing. This makes studying textiles diverse and future-proof. As a textile engineer, you will find a wide range of applications today - from automotive engineering to the aerospace industry and the health sector.