Information for Ukrainian Refugees

Information for Ukrainian Refugees

Study at UAS Zwickau

General questions from refugees about studying at UAS Zwickau

For questions about studying at UAS Zwickau, please contact:

Elke Kunze (Consultation in German)
+49 375 536 1061

Caroline Heinze-Huang (Consultation in English or German)
+49 375 536 1062

German language courses for Ukrainian refugees

German Language Courses for Ukrainian Refugees

  • Start: 21 March 22 (calendar week 12) - fully booked
  • Duration: 4 SWS (semester periods per week), 60 UE (teaching units): 2x90 minutes per week
  • Lecturer: Dr. Michaela Rusch

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to
The German courses are free of charge for guest auditors.

More information on German language courses (Padlet)
Other language Courses and levels

Enrollment as guest auditor

As a guest auditor, you can attend lectures and (German) courses at the UAS Zwickau. For Ukrainian refugees, the offer is free of charge.

How do I become a guest auditor?

Submit an application for guest auditor status to the Admissions Office.
Ideally, you should submit the application by 30.4. for the summer semester and by 31.10. for the winter semester.

Please list the desired courses from our course catalog in the application and select courses with a maximum total of 8 SWS (semester periods per week).

The applicant will receive a confirmation of his or her status as a guest auditor, which will allow him or her to attend the designated courses. If there is an attendance limit, you can only attend the course if there are still places available. We recommend contacting the lecturers of the course to arrange for the guest attendance.

Attendance confirmations for guest auditors can be issued upon request by the corresponding lecturer.

The guest auditor status ends automatically at the end of the respective semester and must be applied for again for the following semester.

The guest auditor is not enrolled in a study program and is also not entitled to take examinations.

To apply for guest auditor status, contact:

Christina Schelcher
+49 375 536-1184



Full-time studies

Refugees have the opportunity to apply for full-time studies at WHZ. German is required for most Bachelor's and Master's programs. Some study programs are taught in English.

If you have any questions, please contact the International Office: 

Studium generale

As an integral part of the study program, the Studium generale supplements the basic and specialized education. At the beginning of each semester, the Prorectorate for Education publishes a catalog of courses offered. For this form of study, guest auditors are recommended.

Within the context of the Citizens' Academy (Bürgerakademie), interested citizens can also attend the lectures.

Studium generale catalog (German)

Other options and offers

Financial support options

Funding for Refugee Scholars and Scientists from Ukraine of VolkswagenStiftung

Welcoming Scholarship of Giromatch GmbH

  • for incoming students from Ukraine, or Ukrainian students already studying in Germany
  • Helpers and committed people who offer support of any kind to Ukrainian students

Sports offer free of charge

In order to make it easier for Ukrainian refugees to settle in Zwickau, the UAS Zwickau, in cooperation with the SV Vorwärts Zwickau, have created the opportunity to participate in sporting activities. The range of sports offered depends on the participating age groups and interests. It is free of charge and all participants are insured through SV Vorwärts Zwickau, even if they are not members of the organization

Mondays: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and
Wednesdays: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Meeting place:
Entrance University Library city center

More information and external partners

Living in the student dormitory

Please contact the Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau for information about student housing.

Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau

Ms. Rudolph

Innere Schneeberger Strasse 23 
08056 Zwickau 

Phone: +49 375 2710-0

Ukrainian partner universities of UAS Zwickau

Lviv Polytechnic National University  

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

Information videos by the State of Saxony

You can find videos with information on:

  • learning German
  • Schools
  • Social support
  • Housing
  • Work
  • Kindergarden
  • Health
  • People with disabilities
  • Psychosocial centers

on the youtube channel of the State Saxony.



Study in Saxony

This website presents university in Saxony and provides information brochures in Ukrainian and Russian for downloading.

General questions about working in Saxony

The IQ Network Saxony supports migrants in their integration into the labor market.

You can take up the following offers:

Use the online info café for general questions about working in Saxony, e.g.:

  • Can I work in Saxony with my Ukrainian degree?
  • In which professions do I need to get recognition?
  • Which documents are necessary for counseling and recognition?
  • What German language skills do I need in my profession?

Please register at

Ukrainians with professional qualifications and need for counseling

If you have already brought your documents, the appropriate regional IBAS (Informations- und Beratungsstelle Arbeitsmarkt Sachsen) in Dresden, Leipzig or Chemnitz will be happy to advise you. IBAS advises on the recognition of foreign vocational and academic qualifications, and provides information on procedures, documents and the relevant offices. For Ukrainian teachers there are currently even special ways into the profession. IBAS informs about this in an information sheet ("Information for Ukrainian teachers"). The consultation is free of charge and confidential.

Send an e-mail to anerkennung[at]

Support for deaf refugees from Ukraine

Deaf refugees Saxony is a team of volunteers from the sign language community of Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz and Zwickau (supported by the City Association of the Hearing Impaired Leipzig e.V.).

We are networked with sign language speakers, interpreters and social workers. We want to locate deaf Ukrainian refugees and provide them with care and support in one place. Therefore, we are currently establishing a network to provide (short-term) premises for the people in need of help, where they can stay for the time being.

At the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ) there are sign language students, as well as deaf students, who can support actively. In addition, there is the Landesdolmetscherzentrale (LDZ) in Zwickau, which supports us and coordinates the sign language interpreters in Saxony. Furthermore, the Center for the Deaf in Zwickau, as well as the Deaf Sports Club Zwickau (GSV Zwickau) offers the possibility to get into sign language contact. Deaf refugees are a group that needs special protection.

We have set up an e-mail address (Help.DeafRefugees.Sachsen[at], where hearing as well as deaf helpers can contact us with offers and can be put in touch with deaf refugees.

Ukraine support of the city of Zwickau

Ukraine support of the city of Zwickau - Information and important links (German)

On this page support offers of organizations , initiatives or private persons are bundled as well as important links.  

Zwickau Language and Cultural Mediator Service

The Zwickau Language and Culture Mediator Service provides a pool of volunteer language and culture mediators to support people with little knowledge of German and local institutions by means of oral and written language mediation services.