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Spanish Healtcare Professionals in Germany: Expectations and Experiences.


Sabine Dieng-Weiß (2019)






In the course of the European economic crisis, since the year 2008, there has been an increase in work-related migration flows from southern European countries to economically more stable countries, such as Germany.

In the Federal Republic, on the other hand, there is a shortage of skilled labor caused by demographic change. One of the measures against this shortage of skilled workers is the targeted recruitment of professionals from abroad. Particularly in the health sector, foreign employees are recruited as part of so-called "skilled worker initiatives".

The focus of this research is the recruitment of Spanish professionals to Germany. On the basis of qualitative interviews with Spanish nurses, the recruiting process and the work routine are examined more closely. This shows that the expectations of these young people for their lives in Germany often remain unfulfilled.

Key words:

Spanish labor migration- Shortage of skilled workers in Germany - Recruitment of foreign nurses - High unemployment in Spain - Demographic change - Economics crisis - Work-related migration - Migrant background

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